Motor Insurance

It is legally required for all vehicles used on roads to have insurance to cover their legal liability to other road users (vehicles and pedestrians) who may suffer death, bodily injury, or damage to their property as a result of the use of the vehicle.

The Motor Insurance Policy comes in 3 different forms irrespective of the usage of the vehicle.

There are basically three types of motor insurance covers that are available and these are;

  • Third-Party Only Cover
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft Cover
  • Comprehensive Cover

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Third-Party Only Cover

This is a compulsory and minimum cover required by all vehicle users for their vehicles.

Only provides cover for only third party liabilities that may arise from an accident caused by the vehicle of the Insured. This is the lowest form of coverage under our motor insurance.

Third-Party Fire and Theft Cover

This policy covers all the above that is Bodily injury, death and property damage for third parties (that is other vehicles and road users) and in addition, provide compensation for the loss or damage to the insured’s vehicle as a result of fire and or theft.

Comprehensive Cover

The comprehensive cover is the highest cover which provides coverage for the two above and also accidental damage to the vehicle that is, we provide cover for losses like own damage or total loss either through fire, theft and accidental damage as well as third-party damage and bodily injury