Supreme Trust Insurance Brokers Limited

Supreme Trust Insurance Brokers (STIB) Limited is a fast-growing wholly-owned Ghanaian insurance broking firm with a prime mandate of providing modern and specialized insurance broking services to individuals and businesses in all sectors of the Ghanaian economy. The company is duly registered as a limited liability company under the Companies Act 1963, Act 179, and as an insurance brokerage firm by the National Insurance Commission.

We provide brokerage services and risk management consulting to clients offering various classes of insurance products to protect the properties, assets, employees, liabilities, etc. at competitive rates. The Company has evolved into a critical player in the Insurance industry today by expanding its ever-increasing skills diversity to suit clients’ needs through specialized protection and advisory services. STIB Limited provides tailor-made products to meet the requirement of all clients ranging from private individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to large organizations in all sectors.

Our Statement

Our Vision

STIB Limited seeks to become the BEST BOUTIQUE INSURANCE BROKER in Ghana, providing specialized insurance arrangements for our clients. STIB envisions building a reputation for good ethics, trusted services and specialized insurance programs.  

Our Mission

At STIB Limited, we aim to ensure that our motivated staff provide adequate insurance to our clients, by providing innovative, reliable, competitive, and caring professional advice with the best-personalized service at all times.

1. Utmost Integrity

We promise to be confidential, straightforward, and honest in all our business dealings and render utmost good faith that gets you value with your insurance program.

2. Uniqueness

We will build long lasting client relationships with you and leverage our strong relationship with underwriters to negotiate and tailor beneficial programs and products that suit individual needs

3. Service

We promise to provide effective and prompt service through timely and regular review of all your risk and to continuously discuss the best way to safeguard your interest in the medium to long term.

4. Effective

We promise that every claim will be handled on your behalf with speed and fairness.